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Euler and Christmas Lights

I have always enjoyed decorating my home with Christmas lights. I think I enjoy the planning process even more than actually stringing the lights. I recently moved into a new house with a truss over

Alternative Color Strategies for the New Redwood Theme in OAC

The introduction of the Redwood theme in Oracle Analytics represents the culmination of Oracle’s long-term, serious commitment to leading practices in user interface design. Redwood introduces a unified look and feel across all Oracle products

Which BI Dashboards Are Most Valuable?

Not all business intelligence dashboards and analytics projects are worth the same. Some are viewed by hundreds of employees, while others are highly specific and meant to be used by only a few people. Likewise,

Oracle Analytics Update – May 2021

Oracle Analytics just keeps getting better! OA added a host of new features in late 2020 and early 2021. No single article could do them all justice, so this blog will provide a high-level review

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