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Get our latest thoughts on the world of analytics – everything from architecture and integration to data visualization and machine learning. For in-depth discussions on real-world applications of Oracle solutions, see our Case Studies.

Better Decision-Making With BI and Analytics

We hear the same frustrations over and over again from our clients regarding their legacy Business Intelligence and Analytics systems: We’re swimming in data, but everyone has their own opinion on what’s important. Most users

Vlamis Rolls Out New Online Oracle Analytics Resources

Vlamis Software Solutions is not your typical analytics consulting firm. We are industry changemakers, built from the ground up to support you on your Oracle Analytics journey. We meticulously apply over three decades of experience

Enterprise Data Visualization Class Less Than a Month Away

In less than one month, Dan and I will be teaching Enterprise Data Visualization: Executive Dashboards and Managerial Displays for O’Reilly Live Online Training (Wednesday, September 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Central). The

Getting Started with Oracle Analytics – 2020 Edition

Have you ever wondered how to get started with Oracle Analytics? I have addressed this topic in the past, but in the fast-paced world of technology, last year’s information is soon outdated. Many resources on

A Primer on Security and Access in Oracle Analytics 

If you read the Oracle documentation on Oracle Analytics with the intent of coming away with a basic understanding of how to plan and execute security, you might find yourself feeling lost. While the documentation

Small Is Beautiful

In the construction world, bigger is often better. For large construction projects you need large-scale machinery and spend much of your time developing a blueprint for the building that must stand with no changes to

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