Vlamis Rolls Out New Online Oracle Analytics Resources

By: Vlamis Staff
October 2, 2020
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Vlamis Software Solutions is not your typical analytics consulting firm. We are industry changemakers, built from the ground up to support you on your Oracle Analytics journey. We meticulously apply over three decades of experience with Oracle Analytics technology to individual client discovery so that we can cater our data-driven work to your needs. We always put our clients and their needs first. 

New Online Oracle Analytics Resources Focused on Your Success

In a world where human connection is so important, we want to emphasize the way we serve you. We are pivoting to make sure that our vision is more clear. With that comes a complete revamp of our website and digital showroom. 

The new Vlamis website (www.vlamis.com) is 100% about you, whether you are already one of our valued clients, interested in learning what we have to offer, or seeking to gain knowledge in areas such as analytics, data visualization, and Oracle technologies. We have always offered resources for the analytics community, but reorganizing them drove much of our redesign. Our new website aims to speak directly to your needs and challenges by featuring educational resources, case studies, and information about our services to support you in your analytics journey. 

Our Team Caters to Three Specific Audiences

We specifically serve C-Suite executives, Analytics Teams, and Information Technology Teams. Our focus is on designing and implementing business analytics projects using Oracle Analytics and related technologies, including: all Oracle Analytics offerings, data warehousing, ETL, OLAP, data mining and R. Vlamis has the experience to both implement the software as well as provide continuing education on it, which makes us your one-stop shop. 


C-Suite Leaders 

As a C-Suite leader, you are responsible for establishing and reinforcing strategic direction for your organization. Often, the most critical decisions fall on your shoulders as you aim to make the best choice between alternatives. Vlamis can help guide you in those decisions by providing you with data-driven insights. And we don’t stop at just making the tough calls easier, we also help you improve your business performance with predictive analytics. Our expertise has helped many businesses get ahead of their competition. 


Analytics & Reporting Teams

For your business to work, it needs to work efficiently. The techniques we employ at Vlamis Software Solutions structure data for speed and effectiveness. We help organizations become data-driven with evidence-based decision-making, which will improve your organization’s performance. As analytics experts, we have deep knowledge in analytic warehouse architecture and can help streamline everything your team does. Vlamis builds loyalty and trust with the teams we work with, so that they can focus on driving effective and profitable results.


Information Technology Teams (IT)

As an IT professional, you put a lot of effort into your data, and we want to keep it safe and accessible to your team. Let us help you reinforce your data architecture to reduce the chance of technical issues or data loss. Vlamis offers services to optimize your system so that it can grow with your needs and keep your business on the cutting edge. The enhanced analytics systems that result from our work mean you can expect a decrease in technical issues and user frustration.

If You Need True Oracle Analytics Expertise, You’re In The Right Place

With everything changing in professional working environments around the world, Vlamis continues to work to create positive change and enhance our clients’ knowledge of their secure analytics platforms. Having the ability to continue your education in this space, even if your team has gone remote, can amplify productivity and performance across the board for your team. We offer remote training classes, and the entirety of our services are contactless, streamlined, and guaranteed to create efficiency and success in your work environment. 

Our look and feel may be changing, but the core of what makes us great is still the same. Our process ensures that you will leverage your data to maximum effect. We always start by asking you the right questions and listening to your answers. We are passionate about analytics, and we take comfort in the fact that we allow others to thrive in their own workspaces and experiences with our expertise. 

To learn more about Vlamis Software Solutions and how we can help take your organization to the next level, contact us.



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