Analytics Systems Can be Complex - We Can Help

Our training demystifies the complexities of analytics and warehousing technologies by strengthening your skills and expertise. Grounded in best practices and participant interaction, our training goes beyond merely “what to click” and delves into the “whys” behind topics such as data transformations, data modeling, machine learning, and dashboard design. With offerings in a variety of formats, from classes to workshops to individual mentoring, Vlamis helps your organization achieve the maximum return on its investment in data and systems.

Our Courses

If you need formal training, Vlamis has you covered – from ETL using Oracle Data Integrator to visual analytics and dashboard design using Oracle Analytics. Courses typically run for 2-5 days and follow a traditional format of lecture, live demo, and hands-on exercises with step-by-step instructions. We encourage active participation and include interactive exercises so that attendees learn by doing. Whether you need training for 5 people or 500, we offer in-person, on-site classes at your location, as well as web-based remote training.


When you want to explore a topic, but you don’t want a traditional training class, a Vlamis workshop is the answer. Our dynamic full- and half-day workshops are filled with live demonstrations, thought-leadership content, and active audience interaction. We offer everything from overview workshops for hundreds of people to intense “bring your own data” hands-on sessions where participants learn new techniques, frameworks, and technologies with the data they already know. 

Custom Training Tailored to Your Company

Custom training provides your organization with a “best of both worlds” educational solution. Using our proven courseware development methodology, Vlamis can design, build, and deliver classes that use your organization’s data, adding levels of meaning and relevance for your team members.

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