Hands On Training for Your Company

When you want to explore a topic, but you don’t want a traditional training class, a Vlamis workshop is the answer. Our dynamic full- and half-day workshops are filled with live demonstrations, thought-leadership content, and active audience interaction. We offer everything from overview workshops for hundreds of people to intense “bring your own data” hands-on sessions where participants learn new techniques, frameworks, and technologies with the data they already know.

Our Workshops

Enterprise Data Visualization and Dashboard Design Workshop

This information-packed workshop is ideal for organizations wanting to know why certain layouts, graph types, and visual analytics styles are more effective in communicating data insights than others. You’ll learn leading practices and techniques and perhaps more importantly, how to avoid major mistakes that bias data and lead to poor or inconsistent decision-making. Taught by practicing consultants who blend the science of visual analytics with the realities of balancing complex enterprise demands and systems, you’ll come away with a new understanding of how to improve your analytics system. Participants have the opportunity to ask their questions, pose their biggest data visualization challenges, and discuss their situations in a safe, non-political setting with outside experts.

Data Exploration and Discovery with Oracle Analytics Workshop

This hands-on workshop exposes participants to techniques and frameworks best suited for exploring complex data sets. You’ll learn which graphs to use in different situations and how to handle multi-dimensional data with linked visualizations and comprehensive frameworks and tools. You’ll learn how to leverage machine learning techniques along with how to describe their results in an accurate and objective way. You’ll learn how to mash up and blend data from different sources and extend your data sets with custom calculations, enrichments informed by machine learning, and data normalization techniques.

Oracle Analytics Workshop

This hands-on workshop is designed for organizations that want to focus on learning by doing with their internal data and systems in combination with frameworks, leading practices, and exercises from Vlamis. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Oracle Analytics through your own internal business use cases and data. You’ll see best practice dashboard layouts, graphs designed for consistent interpretation and understanding, and guided navigation techniques. More than that, you’ll have a solid foundation for building and developing your Oracle Analytics system through a highly interactive atmosphere that’s perfect for experienced developers as well as business analysts and power users.

Analytics Warehousing Workshop

This workshop will guide participants through the evolving world of data management for the purposes of providing and supporting analytics. You’ll learn frameworks, concepts, and techniques that will enable you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different architectures, strategies, and solutions. The course will cover the development of logical structures, relationships, and hierarchies, both discovered and assigned. Unlike in traditional data warehousing, you’ll learn about the advantages of creating distinctions between processing/query engines and storage layers and determining strategies for data capture and use.

Predictive Analytics Workshop Using Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Analytics

This workshop offers a guided introduction to machine learning with Oracle Analytics. You’ll learn the foundations of the most important business use cases and the best algorithms and methodologies to solve them. You’ll learn everything from automated short-cuts that provide nearly instantaneous value to in-depth exercises building predictive analytic models. You’ll learn tried-and-true methodologies, frameworks, and techniques from instructors with more than a decade of practical experience with many of the world’s leading corporations and enterprise organizations.

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