All Good Projects Must Come to an End

Saying goodbye to the Sunoco FAMIS project… I was hired by Vlamis back in 2004 to work on the migration of an outdated Oracle Express, PCX 5.0 installation to the “new” Oracle OLAP 10g.  It

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Meet the Vlamis Interns!

All of us here at Vlamis, like so many others of you, are practicing social distancing and working from home. This can create some stressful, frustrating issues that we haven’t faced on a regular basis

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Visualization – Santa Style

I have worked for years on data visualization with organizations making sure that key metrics stood out for executives and decision makers.  This is something I thought I perfected through education and training. In reality,

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Vlamis Celebrates 25 Years

We are proud to announce that this year marks the 25th anniversary of Vlamis Software Solutions. We have updated our logo to commemorate this landmark year of our consulting business. Be looking for this new

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Data Visualization for 3rd Graders

I recently had the opportunity to present to Mrs Neth’s local elementary school class. There’s a lot to be learned from 3rd graders. The subject of the presentation had to do with community activism and

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