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Get our latest thoughts on the world of analytics – everything from architecture and integration to data visualization and machine learning. For in-depth discussions on real-world applications of Oracle solutions, see our Case Studies.

How to Keep Your Analytics Project On Time and On Budget

Analytics projects are notoriously complex. They bring together a team of professionals in various roles with different strengths and weaknesses. That team must satisfy the competing expectations of diverse stakeholders and users and deliver a

Why Data Visualization Is Vital to Enterprise Success

Using visual imagery, or visualizations, is an effective way to communicate ideas, whether abstract or concrete. The presentation of data in visual form, typically through graphs, maps, charts, and small tables is often collectively referred

All Good Projects Must Come to an End

Saying goodbye to the Sunoco FAMIS project… I was hired by Vlamis back in 2004 to work on the migration of an outdated Oracle Express, PCX 5.0 installation to the “new” Oracle OLAP 10g.  It

Presenting panel as part of AnDOUC TechCast Days July 9

We need your ideas! I will be presenting a panel along with Edelweiss Kammermann and Philippe Lions as part of AnDOUC TechCast Days. Our session will focus on “Challenges, Solutions, Workarounds:  Making Analytics Systems Work“

Vlamis Featured in Oracle Howdy Partner Series

Brendan Doyle released his latest Howdy Partner video. It was a lot of fun to be interviewed by Brendan Doyle as part of his “Howdy Partner” series on YouTube. Brendan has an easy-going style that

Find version number for OAC

In case you haven’t heard, OAC version 5.6 is now available. OAC instances will be upgraded over the next few weeks. Oh…you don’t know what version you’re on? I kept forgetting where it is, so

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