Presentations 2002

AppsWorld 2002

9iAS and Discoverer 4i Plus – A How to Guide

Oracle 9iAS Discoverer is a key component of the Oracle 9i Application server (Oracle 9iAS) in integrated business intelligence solution. Discoverer is the ad hoc tool for queries, reporting, analysis and publishing over the web. During this presentation, I will demonstrate how to setup and implement Oracle 9iAS Discoverer environment.

IOUG Live! 2002

Migrating Express Data to Oracle9i

Oracle 9i presents new possibilities for OLAP applications. Data can be stored in RDBMS tables or in an analytic workspace, which is simply a new term for an Express database. Which is the right storage vehicle for your needs? How do you migrate the data? What information is lost in the transition?

Oracle 9iOLAP–How Does It Really Work?

In Oracle 9i, Oracle has separated the physical storage of data warehouse data from the logical analysis of OLAP applications. What’s the magic that makes this work? How does this impact performance? What operations are precluded by various design decisions? Why would you want to use Oracle 9i OLAP or BI Beans instead of simply using regular RDBMS tables with Oracle Discoverer?

Converting Express Applications to Oracle9i and BI Beans Applications

With the introduction of Oracle 9i and BI Beans, the landscape for development of BI applications is changing. This leaves clients with existing Express based applications developed in Express Web Agent and Oracle Express Objects (OEO) asking “How do we move our applications?”. The direct migration of such applications is not fully supported but there is hope.

Using Oracle Warehouse Builder 3i and Oracle9i to Create OLAP-Ready Warehouses

With the use of the new features found in Oracle’s Warehouse Builder (OWB) 3i and Oracle 9i we can now design, construct and load a data warehouse that is fully OLAP ready. This presentation will introduce the attendee to OWB 3i and Oracle 9i OLAP and how to design and construct an Oracle 9i database that can be used for OLAP analysis and presentation.

OAUG Spring 2002

Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA) and the GL Link

This presentation will cover the DBA tools and techniques used in customizing Oracle Financial Analyzer. The background topics to be covered include OFA architecture, how OFA interacts with Express Server and Personal Express, and OFA Structures and Catalogs. The major portion of the presentation will be a discussion of how to maintain the catalogs behind the scenes in Express 4GL, as well as loading data and structures

Organizational Structures of a Multi-Org Setup

We will cover the organizational structures involved in setting up a Multi-Org environment. We will run the Multi-Org Validation Report to identify any problems with the configuration and highlight related profile options, errors, and warnings that may be generated.

OAUG Fall 2002

OFA and GL Link Tips, Tricks and Traps

Attendees will learn the advantages and limitations of the three tools (OFA front-end, Express 4GL, and Express Administrator) used by a DBA for design and maintenance of OFA databases. Attendees will gain a detailed understanding of the properties of several catalogs critical to implementing, maintaining, and customizing OFA databases and GL Link.

ODTUG 2002

9iAS and Discoverer 4i Plus

9iAS and Discoverer 4i Plus training will be broken down into three segments: 1) Setup and Connectivity for Discoverer 4i Plus, 2) Warehouse and Dimensional Strategy, and 3) Building and Executing a Query. This presentation will use an already established Oracle 9i database instance and an Oracle 9iAS instance.

How To Develop Applications With BIBeans and JDeveloper

This class will present the new technologies that were introduced with Oracle 9i. These include analytical functions in the relational database, OLAP Services, Java OLAP API, and BI Beans. Attendees will see how to use Oracle 9i, OLAP Service, JDeveloper 9i and BI Beans to develop simple and complex applications. A comparison between thick and thin client applications will also be discussed.

OracleWorld 2002

Building BI Portals, Using Oracle9i, 9i Developer, and BI Beans

This presentation details the developing and deploying of a Business Intelligence Portal for the Web using Oracle Portal 9i (9iAS 9i R2), Oracle 9i, JDeveloper 9i, BI Beans and other components of the 9i Developer Suite. An overview of the various architectural components with optional deployment considerations is given.

Developing Applications with BI Beans and Oracle9i JDeveloper-Our Experience

This presentation will present how custom applications can be built using JDeveloper 9i, 9i OLAP and BI Beans. The attendees will be shown how to start developing applications using BI Beans and JDeveloper. We will also address the experiences we had developing our product VSS Business Analyzer and share with the attendees how they can also develop simple and complex applications. A comparison between thick and thin client applications will also be discussed.

Effectively Using 9i OLAP in Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle 9i OLAP enables all Oracle data warehouses and data marts to be analyzed with OLAP applications. In Oracle 9i, Oracle has separated the physical storage of data warehouse data from the logical analysis of OLAP applications. This eases the whole process of developing applications. More importantly, it opens up previously inaccessible data to new business applications. How do we now capitalize on these new capabilities?

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