Converting Express Applications to Oracle9i and BI Beans Applications

Presented by Chris Claterbos

With the introduction of Oracle 9i and BI Beans, the landscape for development of BI applications is changing. This leaves clients with existing Express based applications developed in Express Web Agent and Oracle Express Objects (OEO) asking “How do we move our applications?”. The direct migration of such applications is not fully supported but there is hope. This presentation will address the issues involved in converting and migrating these types of applications over to the new technology. Example applications will be presented and used throughout the presentation.
Topics Include:
• Overview of the Oracle 9i and BI Beans Architecture
• Data Migration Issues
• What Can and Cannot Be Migrated/Converted
• Conversion vs. New Development – Which is Best or Possible
• Development Process (steps)
• Tips and Techniques
• Design and Implementation Issues

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