Oracle 9iOLAP–How Does It Really Work?

Presented by Dan Vlamis

In Oracle 9i, Oracle has separated the physical storage of data warehouse data from the logical analysis of OLAP applications. What’s the magic that makes this work? How does this impact performance? What operations are precluded by various design decisions? Why would you want to use Oracle 9i OLAP or BI Beans instead of simply using regular RDBMS tables with Oracle Discoverer?

This presentation will describe these components in a “behind the scenes” tour of Oracle 9i OLAP. Armed with information such as “what is an analytic workspace”, and “what metadata is required to support the Java OLAP API and BI Beans?”, will help a DBA prepare a database and design schemas for use by an OLAP application and help an application developer understand what options are possible and how to gain maximum value from a data warehouse or data mart.

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