Analytic Views Preview

By: Mike Caskey
February 9, 2016

We got the first insight on Analytic Views at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.  Bud Endress presented and described how Analytic Views in a future release of the Oracle Database will make it MUCH easier to create SQL for analytic queries.  We then got our second introduction to Analytic View at the BIWA Summit 2016 where Vlamis presented with George Lumpkin.  It was great to hear and work with George on the upcoming Analytic View option in a future release of the Oracle database.  Some of the highlights are the new database objects allowing for construction of business modeling and calculation within an Analytic view.  Once an Analytic View is built, the power of easy reporting with simple SQL queries is a real plus.  No need for joins, aggregation (group by) and calculation.  The Analytic Views technology takes care of this, insuring the end user data quality while traversing across different levels of the data set.

While it’s a bit touchy in the AV setup today, the end results are well worth the time.  Good modeling and understanding of the end goal is a key factor in the build out of your Analytic Views model.  Check out our presentation at /papers2016/#jan26


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