Test Drive the OBIEE – Sample Application (V309 R2)

By: Cathye Pendley
October 8, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce that SampleApp V309 is now available. While you can download SampleApp V309 for yourself, you can experience it yourself right now by taking Oracle technology for a “Test Drive” with step-by-step instructions on how to use this technology. We use SampleApp V309 as the basis for our test drives.

We have test drives for the following Oracle products:

All you need to do is register with a company email address and in the time that you can receive an email, you can be running the SampleApp application yourself—no diskspace or download required. We do not test all of SampleApp V309 (just our scripts), but the core OBIEE functionality against the Oracle database (including analytical options) should work on our Test Drive image. Please let us know about any issues. For a quick preview of SampleApp, try our OBIEE Test Drive to run this any time you want, download the virtual box machine image and run it yourself on your own hardware. Our thanks go to the SampleApp team for making this great resource available to the Oracle community!

For more information on SampleApp V309 see the SampleApp web page and their excellent YouTube channel.


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