Oracle Discoverer Future Plans Presented at Open World

By: Vlamis Staff
October 23, 2009
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The first presentation I attended last week was Praveen Deshpande’s presentation on Discoverer “What’s New; What’s Coming”. There were several key things I saw and heard. 1) Discoverer (OBIEE SE) is not going away and 2) Support for Oracle 11g OLAP in Discoverer for OLAP is coming and 3) Support for Oracle 11g OLAP in Spreadsheet Add-in is also coming.

This is GREAT News! I know that there have been many rumors, for some time, that Discoverer was going away. I personally could not see that happening because of such a large user base and the price to upgrade to OBIEE. But according to what I heard that is definitely not the case. There are no plans to drop Discoverer and there is active development underway. Discoverer for OLAP supporting 11g OLAP was already on the roadmap, it just did not make the 11g release. The big surprise was that 11g OLAP support in the Spreadsheet Add-in was on the plan. Not sure what that means, I could not get any details on what it will do. The target release is with the 11gR2-PS1, that is Patch Set 1. No firm dates but may be sooner than later, I hope.

I saw many more things that I will post about this weekend but I am still catching up on my Job Stuff!


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