University Enrollment Analytics with OAC on ADW

Presented by Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software, VP & Analytics Strategist

Bowie State University (the oldest Historically Black College in Maryland) needed a modern Enrollment Analytics system that leveraged their PeopleSoft Student Information System data, but offered greater agility and evidence-based insights versus traditional reporting. After seeing a demo from Oracle, Bowie State acquired Oracle Autonomous Database (ADW) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). They contracted with Vlamis Software Solutions to design and implement a custom data warehouse with an OAC front end to enable them to analyze their enrollment data for undergraduate and graduate students. BSU’s Institutional Research department led a skunkworks project on assessing postgraduate outcomes (presented at Oracle CloudWorld) to test out the software and dove headfirst into the enrollment analytics project. Come learn the lessons learned while designing a custom data warehouse, loading data for from PeopleSoft using ODI, and designing a set of custom OAC DV dashboards in this session, including:

  • How best to model complex transactional data
  • How to decouple the presentation of the data from the storage of the data warehouse
  • How to approach the design of Data Visualization canvases as dashboards
  • Why OAC’s Data Visualization front end was chosen over “classic” Answers and Dashboards (both were developed as potential solutions)

The session will include a live demo of the system.

March 14, 2023 at 3:10 PM (PT)

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