Webcast of BIC2G Available

By: Dan Vlamis
March 23, 2009
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In case you missed the webcast on Friday, March 20, Oracle University recorded it.  The show included lots of people.  We have a nice introduction by Oracle, followed by my overview of the image, then details on the EPM image, and details on the BI image, then ordering details, then a vision of the future of BIC2G.  It has lots of screenshots, and all of the audio is nicely captured and you can fast-forward and rewind and skip to specific slides very easily (a pet peeve of mine with webcasts!) so you don’t have to watch it all if you don’t want to (but it was quite a show!).  Check it out, then visit www.vlamis.com/bic2g to order your own copy. You do need an Oracle single signon account to view the webcast.  My general account that I use for all the Oracle stuff worked fine.  Be sure to click on the “Course” link on the left to get it started.  Let me know if you have trouble viewing the webcast.

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