Visualizing Data Cubes With Multiple Products

Presented by Dan Vlamis

When business people want to perform analysis, they need data that is aggregated and broken down by some sort of dimensions. While relational databases can aggregate this data on the fly, they often are not fast enough. The common approach to solving this problem is to store data in some sort of multi-dimensional cube structure. The Oracle database can store this data inside the Oracle database using a natural structure called a cube. Cubes are natural ways for data to be stored, especially when users want to visualize data using dimensions such as TIME, GEOGRAPHY, or PRODUCT, or any other dimensions that users want to perform analyses on. In this presentation, we will briefly describe cube data in Oracle OLAP and then focus on ways that cube data can be visualized. We will show multiple products including Oracle BI, as well as other products that can access OLAP data via Simba’s MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP, such as Microsoft Excel, arcplan, DeltaMaster, and many others. Come see Oracle OLAP in action using several different visualization tools.

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