Unleash the True Analytical Power of Oracle Database with Oracle Analytics

Presented by Tim Vlamis, Vice President and Analytics Strategist, Vlamis Software; Dan Vlamis, CEO, President, Vlamis Software; Gayle Fink, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness, Bowie State University: and Philippe Lions, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Analytics, Oracle

Oracle Database has a wide variety of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, many of which customers haven’t yet tapped into. With direct integration into Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), advanced options such as Graph Analytics, Geospatial calculation, and text analysis can deliver immense value to users at any skill level. Learn how to utilize these advanced capabilities from OAC, and hear how Bowie State University, Maryland’s first historically black university, is using Oracle Database with OAC to analyze university enrollment, as well as how they plan to use these capabilities to further their goals.

To be presented at Oracle CloudWorld 2023
Thursday, Sep 21 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM PDT

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