Tales from the Front: Strategies for a Successful OBIEE Implementation

Presented by Mark Thompson

Are you starting a new OBIEE project? Or perhaps you’re mired in the muck of an existing project, and things aren’t going well. No matter what your experience with OBIEE has been so far, no matter what industry your company is in, this session will provide you with helpful tips and techniques to guide you toward a successful OBIEE implementation.
We’ll discuss topics such as:
• Divide and Conquer: The key strengths you need on your OBIEE implementation team.
• Nothing Stops a Train: But a lack of proper training can stop your project in its tracks.
• Why every team member needs training, and the importance of cross-trained teams.
• To Contract, or Not To Contract, That Is the Question: Getting help from someone who’s “been there, done that”.
• Any Way You Slice It: Why your security model should be one of the first, second, and third things you consider.
• What’s In a Name?: Ideas for implementing a standardized naming convention for the objects in your OBIEE schema.
• Who’s On First? The first, most important steps when beginning your project.
• You want WHAT? Maintaining a manageable scope of deliverables.
• Tiny Steps, Big Results: Building your OBIEE environment in successive stages for quick Proofs of Concept.
• Stars, Snowflakes, Constellations, and other Unnatural Phenomena: The proper schemas for a clean configuration and ease of maintenance.
• Aggregates, OLAP, and Cache, OH MY: Your three-prong approach to great performance.
• Become a Master Locksmith: The proper use of Keys for fun and profit.
• Users and Other Difficult Concepts: The Pilot User Group and who should be in it.
• Jammin’: Using post-implementation jam sessions to enhance your users’ knowledge and expertise.
We’ll discuss these topics and more, using examples pulled from real projects. If you’re interested in avoiding the “gotchas” of an OBIEE implementation, then come along for the ride and learn from our mistakes.

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