Sensing, Seeing, and Showing: Visualizing Data in Oracle Analytics Cloud

Presented by Tim Vlamis and Timothy Miller

The process of scientifically uncovering insights in complex data sets is one of the most exciting areas of visual analytics. You’ll see how to break down the steps in data exploration so that you discover key findings quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively. Showing and telling others your data stories uses many of the same visualization tools and concepts, but the challenge is making this effective for different people with different backgrounds, skills, and abilities. We’ll cover advanced topics like Sankey, parallel coordinates, trellis, and force vector charts, while reinforcing fundamental principles that lead to exceptionally effective screens of all kinds. Join the author of THE book on Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence as he shares the yet-to-be-tapped potential of Oracle Analytics Cloud and Data Visualization through a series of live demonstrations.

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