New Features in Oracle Analytics Cloud 19.1.1

Presented by Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis

Oracle Analytics Cloud version 19.1.1 is not a major release, but it includes improvements and enhancements over the previous version, some of which may be very important to you. These enhancements are in areas such as administration, data sources & data visualization, Essbase, and more. Join Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director, and President of Vlamis Software Solutions, as he walks through the new features. Just like our previous presentations (see for a list), this webinar will include a fast-paced presentation with a live demo of OAC including as many of the new features as time allows. New features we plan to cover include:

  1. Administration
    1. Choose objects to migrate between OAC instances via Snapshots
    2. Console Allows Config Changes & Restart Services
    3. Catalog Manager Connecting to OAC
    4. DSS/Data Prep Public Rest APIs
    5. Quick Start Templates – Easier to Create OAC instances
  2. Data Sources & Data Visualization
    1. Easier to Create ADW and ATP DB Connections
    2. Suppress row on/off, show duplicates (don‘t summarize)
  3. BI Publisher
    1. Bar File inclusion
    2. Essbase POV Parameter Support
  4. Essbase
    1. Essbase RDC connector
    2. Oracle Autonomous Database support
    3. Calc Tuple Support
    4. Auto generate aggregate views
    5. New Gallery templates
    6. Start/stop ability from PSM UI for Oracle Managed
    7. Smart View support for Ancestor On Top
    8. Outline Support for Alias Tables in Web UI
    9. Cube Designer – Formula Editor members tree
    10. New Gallery Templates
    11. Bar File inclusion

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