Enterprise Data Visualization: Executive Dashboards and Managerial Displays | May 6,2020

Presented by Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis

Evidence-based decision making depends on the objective presentation of data. Business intelligence dashboards and analytics systems require visualizations that are grounded in cognitive science and guided by skilled practitioners. You’ll learn not only when to use which visualizations, but also which common mistakes to avoid. You’ll get key frameworks to determine how much effort and time to invest in different dashboards and how to balance analytic depth and quick-read insights. You’ll learn how to quickly spot effective designs and replace splash with class. The experts at Vlamis have guided everyone from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs to AMC Theatres in the effective display of organizational data. If you’ve ever wondered how many drop-down menus to use or what’s the best way to show multi-dimensional insights or how to logically organize and link multiple dashboard pages, join this session packed with practical information and real-world exercises designed to solidify your understanding.

•Data Visualization is not about entertaining people with graphs or about data science algorithms. It is about communicating data as accurately, objectively, and consistently as we can.

•The principles and best practices for designing effective dashboards for enterprise settings are shared across software platforms and interfaces. This class is not about how to use a particular data visualization tool, but rather about how to design highly effective displays and interfaces that can be executed using many different systems.

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