Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

The only Oracle Press guide to creating effective visual presentations of Business Intelligence data quickly and easily.

Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g reveals the best practices for creating graphs, tables, maps, and other methodologies for presenting data-driven insights using one of the most common business intelligence front-end systems in the world, OBIEE 11g. This information-rich guide offers clear instructions for building top quality dashboards, analyses, and visualizations from real world implementers and respected data visualization experts.

You’ll learn everything from improving the readability of your tables to implementing the latest Advanced Trellis Chart features and from adding native map views of BI data to designing optimal dashboard layout strategies. You’ll see how to produce accurate, compelling, and professional graphics that will immediately enhance corporate decision-making.

  • Shows proven steps for extracting maximum impact from native features that are little known to the majority of BI users.
  • Covers dashboard strategy including layout, design, navigation, master detail linking, action links, and prompts.
  • Addresses how to extend OBIEE with advanced languages and visualization systems such as JavaScript-based D3 and JQuery, and R.
  • Includes an associated Web gallery showcasing the colors and graphics that render best digitally.

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