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By: Dan Vlamis
August 12, 2009
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As mentioned in the prior newsletter, Chris and Dan are authors of the upcoming book, “Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP: The Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solution”.  Oracle Press has asked us for a list of conferences, trade shows, reviewers, blogs, industry web sites, users groups, etc. that could help us promote our book; we need your help.  For example, our book will be in the Oracle Bookstore at Oracle OpenWorld (hot off the presses!).  We may be able to raffle off a copy of the book at various user group meetings, if we know about them.  Attendees to the meeting get a chance to win a free book; we get exposure to additional book sales as a result.  So if you know of a user group meeting that will be covering an OLAP-related topic, let me know so I can ask Oracle Press about sending a free book to be raffled.

Oracle Press has said that they will consider sending free copies to people that can help us get the word out.  So if you are a blogger with a significant following or have exposure to an audience that may purchase a book on Oracle OLAP and Essbase, offer to review the book and we may be able to send you a free copy!  Comment here or send me an email at  Include a link to your web site, blog, etc., an estimate of the number of people that follow the web site, and an estimate of the percentage of people that would be interested in a book on OLAP.  Thank you!


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