Working on Projects Remotely

Presented by Cathye Pendley

Have you contemplated either you, one of your employees, or a consultant working remotely? This session will go into the benefits of working remotely as well as some of the tools and techniques that can be used to help when working remotely.
Topics covered will include:
• Benefits for the employee/consultant
• Time and stressed saved from not traveling
• Balance of personal and professional life
• Benefits for companies
• Cost savings
• Greater productivity
• Hiring and retaining quality consultants
• Tools and Techniques
• Communication
• Software
• Processes
In the two plus years I have worked for Vlamis Software Solutions(VSS), I have worked for the same client, with only two short trips to the VSS office in Kansas City and two trips to my client. Working remotely has proved to be beneficial for me, our client and VSS. Come by this presentation and hear details on how to make working remotely a success for your business.

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