What‘s Involved in Migrating from OBIEE to OAC?

Presented by Arthur Dayton

You have a significant investment in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). You hear from Oracle that you should move everything to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). But what’s really involved in this migration? Why spend more money with Oracle to host an environment that you already have? And what benefits will you experience beyond just the benefits from moving to OBIEE 12c?
The experts at Vlamis Software Solutions will share their experiences in migrating OBIEE to OAC. After a quick demo and some background on the differences between OBIEE and the various editions of OAC, Vlamis will show in a live demo what is involved with OAC and benefits such as:
• Reduced environment administration
• Increased collaboration amongst users
• Additional exploration capabilities of Data Visualization using your existing RPD file
• Combine your curated data warehouse data with additional data sources on the fly
• Ability to add custom visualizations
• Data manipulation capabilities of Data Flows
• Mobile application Day by Day
• Integration with FREE mobile application Synopsis
In this 30-minute webinar we won’t be able to cover these topics in depth, but you’ll at least get a handle on the issues involved and know what questions you need to be asking and feel free to bring your questions to the webinar. We look forward to seeing you on May 2nd at 11:30am Central time. Registration is now open.

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