Wednesday, December 2, 2015 | Upgrading from Oracle BI 11g to Oracle BI 12c

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Oracle BI 12c is now released! This release has many new features, the two most visible being support for Visual Analyzer, and the ability for end users to upload their own data without having to ask IT to model their data with RPD file changes, commonly called Data Mashup. There are many other new features as detailed in our webcast Oracle BI 12.2.1 New Features [make this a link]. But what’s the process really like to upgrade from Oracle BI 11g to Oracle BI 12c? Join ACE Director Dan Vlamis as he describes the process that Vlamis Software Solutions went through during the beta program to migrate their customers from Oracle BI 11g to Oracle BI 12c. In this informative webcast, learn:
• What has changed in the installation process?
• What changes in existing reports that ran just fine in Oracle BI 11g?
• How can the new Baseline Validation Tool be used to compare 11g output to 12c output?
• How has the migration process from Dev to Test to Prod changed in 12c?
• What is different in the 12c architecture?
• What’s the fastest path to being able to see your BI data with the new Visual Analyzer interface?
• What’s the best way to get started?

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