Using Oracle Business Intelligence Tools to Analyze Data Warehouses

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Are you considering building a business intelligence/data warehousing solution? Are you experiencing integration pain from a “best of breed” solution or a metadata mess? Who has the latest data? What impact will this change have? How can you turn your queries into reports? How do you take advantage of the latest Oracle Database features?
This presentation will discuss the latest technologies for building business intelligence and data warehousing systems introduced with Oracle 9i/10g, 9i Internet Developers Suite (9iDS), and OracleAS Discoverer 10g.
These include:
• 9i Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
• Oracle OLAP
• JDeveloper
• BI Beans
• Discoverer for OLAP (new in Discoverer 10g)
• Accessing Oracle OLAP data from Excel
The attendees will be shown how to start building OLAP warehouses and how to develop simple and complex applications using BI Beans and JDeveloper. A sample datamart will be built and an application will be shown that accesses this data during the presentation. A comparison between thick and thin client applications will also be discussed.
It concludes with a review of the advantages of an integrated approach.

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