Using Oracle Analytics to Predict Fraud

Presented by Eric Probst, Certegy, and Cathye Pendley, Vlamis

How do you use Oracle Analytics to predict bad checks and protect a retailer from fraudulent customers writing bad checks?

Certegy is a leader in traditional check acceptance and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment solutions, risk management, and return check warranty. Come to this session to learn how Certegy is using Oracle Analytics Cloud along with the Machine Learning capabilities of the Oracle database to help its customers combat fraud. Topics to be covered include:

  • Certegy’s migration from dumping data to Excel to Oracle Analytical Cloud usage for client presentations and data analytics.
  • Considerations in using OAC Subject areas instead of relying exclusively on data sets
  • Certegy Risk Department – 3 areas that make up the department and their interdependence
    • Data Science – creates the tools
    • Risk Analytics – uses the tools to block potential fraudulent activity
    • Investigations – works with law enforcement to arrest and prosecute fraudsters
  • Techniques for sharing analytic results with others in the organization
  • Automation of Investigation reports used as evidence in the prosecution of fraudster
  • Certegy’s experience with Machine Learning, from Random Forest to Neural Networks and how they will impact Certegy’s bottom line.

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