Using Cloud technology for Oracle Database and Oracle BI Sandboxes and Training Environments

Presented by Jonathan Clark

The perils of maintaining training and development sandbox environments are wide and varied. Those pains are experienced by almost all businesses. How do you provide hands-on technical training? How do you support a group of IT professionals developing inside an enterprise-class server environment? Providing only one training server or a limited development server is fraught with the danger of one student or one command bringing down the system for everyone. Providing dedicated servers for everyone can be very complicated and expensive. In this presentation we will show and compare several cloud and virtualization technologies, explaining the benefits of each. We will explain the basic concepts of “the cloud” and demystify how you can make use of cloud technologies to minimize risks, increase uptimes, and provide robust and resilient development environments. When you leave our session, you will be empowered with knowledge that will allow your students to explore and allow your developers that one ill-fated command, all without the purchase of expensive hardware and software, and all done in house.

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