University Class – How to Develop Applications with BI Beans and Jdeveloper

Presented by Chris Claterbos

This class presents the new technologies that will be introduced with Oracle 9i. These include analytical functions in the relational database, OLAP services, Java OLAP API, and BI Beans. The course is based upon a book that will be released by Chris Claterbos after the release of 9i. The outline consists of:
1. Technology overview
2. OLAP using the relational engine
3. The BI Beans advantage
4. The Java development environment
5. BI Beans components
6. Programming with BI Beans – the basics
7. Debugging and deploying your application
8. Advanced functions
Attendees are shown how to start developing applications using BI Beans and JDeveloper. A sample application is built during the class and all attendees have access to the resulting application code.

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