Transforming Business Intelligence with Oracle BI Cloud Services

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Easily try out Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), all for free! In this informative session, we will show you how you can explore Oracle Business Intelligence data and your own data in minutes, without having to wait for the activation of an Oracle trial account. We will also incorporate a demonstration of the data visualization capabilities of BICS in this session. Included in the BICS presentation will be demonstrations of:
• Creating, saving and sharing a new Visual Analyzer Project
• Drag-and-drop interactions, including chart rotation, marquee selection, and brushing
• Multiple graph types, performance tiles, maps, and treemaps
• Sorting and interactive filtering
• Creating new calculations with your own expressions
• Mashing up your own data from Excel or other data sources
After the session, United States participants will be invited to try this out for themselves. The Oracle Cloud makes it easy for you to try for yourself! At you can request access to a pre-provisioned environment for 24 hours. We just email you a userid and temporary password. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Not sure what to click on? No problem; we supply a PDF file that takes you click-by-click through the basic features of the software. Want to explore on your own? No problem; go off-road and explore the many capabilities of BICS on your own. After the 24 hours, we call you to see how it went and then recycle the bits on the cloud. You can also talk to us (or your own Oracle sales rep) about getting a temporary or permanent BICS account for yourself or your organization.

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