Three Steps Ahead: Making and Visualizing Predictions and Forecasts

Presented by Tim Vlamis

In this session, we’ll show you how to use the automated tools in Oracle Analytics Cloud in order to create and visualize forecasts including confidence ranges, discrete forecasts, and back casting. We’ll share the “gotchas” we’ve uncovered utilizing exponential smoothing, ARIMA, and other automated tools in real-world enterprise implementations. We’ll also explain how to build predictive models using the included capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud and Data Visualization Desktop. You’ll see what can be done with “out of the box” functionality and when it’s best extend your models using R and Python. Together, we’ll explore a practical business case approach for the preparation of data, the interpretation of results, and the visual presentation best suited for non-technical colleagues. Even if you’re not yet using the advanced analytics features in your reporting system, most likely your competitors are. As the tools become easier to use and as the business returns increase, there’s no reason not to start.

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