Sept 8 – Maps in Oracle BIEE Release 11g

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Maps convey dense, multi-dimensional relationships in data faster and more intuitively than any other graphical display methodology. Access to accurate information properly displayed is critical in today’s competitive environment. Corporations and large organizations require new tools and methods for developing and sharing data-based insights.

New in Oracle Business Intelligence 11g is the ability to easily create dashboards that incorporate map views which can display your key performance indicators. In 11g, maps are simply a new type of view – just like tables and graphs. You can color-code a map based on some metric (e.g. show sales regions color-coded by revenue), overlay graphs on a map (e.g. showing revenue by product category for each region of the country), and drill on a map (e.g. from sales regions down to sales districts). You can combine performance data with demographic information and NAVTEQ point of interest data to understand not only what, but why. For example, an increase in sales may correlate to a new mall opening nearby. Mapping BI data reveals geospatial relationships in an intuitive, visually attractive way.

Come join a collaboration of Vlamis Software, the Oracle Business Intelligence team, and NAVTEQ to see how your organization can use maps in your business intelligence systems to explore your data and reveal compelling insights.

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