Preparing for an Upgrade to Oracle Business Intelligence 12c

Presented by Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis

So you’ve heard about the major new features of Oracle BI 12c, including Visual Analyzer, Data Mashups, and BI Ask, but what’s it *really* like to upgrade to BI 12c? Upgrades are not only about tools and techniques, but also about improving and updating your implementation and correcting accumulated problems. You shouldn’t move your mess from one house to another, but take the opportunity to reorganize and set new patterns. How do you ensure that the upgrade process goes smoothly? Sure, VA looks exciting, but what about the library of dashboards and analyses you’ve built up over the years? What steps should you take now to “clean up” your catalog before you upgrade and how do you organize it for the future? What changes to the RPD file should you make and how do you evolve your repository strategy? And what must you do to enable your users to successfully integrate use the new data mashup capability into your dashboards? What’s the appropriate scope for training and rollout? Come learn about the utilities that Oracle provides to ease the upgrade path and ensure that you know about any changes in BI 12c. Hear about real-life upgrades and lessons learned with the new release. We will share what we have learned about upgrading to 12c and what is involved.

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