Oracle’s SQL Analytic Functions in 8i and 9i

Presented by David Fuston

Oracle 8i Release 1 added support for the CUBE and ROLLUP extensions to the SELECT statement’s GROUP BY clause. Oracle8i Release 2 introduced a powerful group of SQL functions supporting business intelligence queries. These functions enable ranking, moving and cumulative aggregates, leads and lags and more. Along with the analytic functions, Oracle 8i Release 2 also supports efficient multi-dimensional aggregations. These analytic functions and multi-dimensional aggregation features are a foundation for extending Oracle’s analytic capabilities. Oracle 9i enhances this foundation and expands its functional use to include list partitioning, bitmap join indexes, OLAP server, new families of analytic functions and important extensions for the GROUP BY clause. This session reviews Oracle’s SQL analytic functions, multi-dimensional aggregations and partitioning. Also included will be specific code examples of using these enhancements as well as the business requirements behind the examples.

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