Oracle Warehouse Builder 10G and OLAP — What’s New?

Presented by Dan Vlamis

So you’ve heard of Oracle OLAP, huh? Maybe you’ve heard about how it speeds up calculations, about the lightning-fast response times on queries, about how users can customize their own environment and queries without bothering the IT department. Or maybe you’ve already experienced some of this and see the promise in OLAP, but can’t seem to get that one little piece working that will make it all worthwhile. It all looked so simple in the demo you saw!

This presentation will start with a brief demo/overview of Oracle OLAP and the cube-building process, followed by case studies and a discussion of some of the real-world topics that we have encountered as we work on Oracle OLAP implementations, including: attribute dimensions, ragged and skip-level hierarchies, loading data at multiple levels of a cube, duplicate keys in a dimension, surrogate keys, accessing source tables on a different instance, compressed composites, sparsity issues, and NA row suppression.

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