Oracle OLAP — What’s All This About?

Presented by Dan Vlamis

What are those “multi-dimensional cubes” anyway? Do you need those “analytic workspace” things if you’re going to use Oracle Business Intelligence? And can Oracle BI really generate more efficient SQL than you?

This exercise will demonstrate the process of implementing Oracle OLAP using Analytic Workspaces. By creating cubes themselves in hands-on exercises, class participants will gain first-hand knowledge of the process involved. Participants will also be able to analyze the data in their cubes using tools such as Discoverer, BI Beans, and the OLAP BI Spreadsheet Add-in for Excel.

Armed with information such as “What is an Analytic Workspace”, and “what metadata is required?”, will help a DBA prepare a database and design schemas for use by an OLAP application and help an application developer understand what options are possible and how to gain maximum value from a data warehouse or data mart.

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