Oracle Essbase and Oracle OLAP: A Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solution

Presented by Dan Vlamis and Michael Schrader

The term online analytic processing (OLAP) describes a category of business intelligence (BI) software that supports activities ranging from self-service reporting and analysis, to comprehensive planning and budgeting systems. The OLAP category is not monolithic; there are many different types of OLAP products, each of which seek to provide solutions to certain problems and to service certain user communities. With the acquisition of Hyperion Systems in 2007, Oracle finds itself owning the two most capable OLAP products on the market-Essbase and the OLAP Option to the Oracle Database. While both products fall within the OLAP category and have some similar capabilities, they are different in significant ways. This presentation will help the reader understand where these products are similar and where they differ. Most importantly, it will help the reader architect the Oracle OLAP product that is most appropriate for his or her application.

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