Oracle BI and Oracle OLAP–What’s All This About?

Presented by Dan Vlamis

So you’ve heard of Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle OLAP, huh? Maybe you’ve heard how it speeds up calculations; the lightning-fast response times; how users can customize their own environment and queries without bothering the IT department.

What are those “multi-dimensional cubes” anyway? Do you need those “analytic workspace” things if you’re going to use Oracle Business Intelligence? And can Oracle BI really generate more efficient SQL than you?

This presentation will describe the architecture of Oracle OLAP and take you through creating a cube from start to finish. Then, the various front-end choices in the Oracle BI suite (including Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Spreadsheet Add-in and Oracle BI Beans) will be shown and compared using the cubes built earlier in the presentation. Finally, Dan will discuss some of the real-world topics that he has encountered while working on several Oracle OLAP implementations.

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