Oracle BI Released – Changes and New Features

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g was a huge release. When OBIEE 11g was introduced, the font size had to be so small to fit all of the important new features on one PowerPoint slide, that it was unreadable. Now, in May 2011, Oracle has issued the first patch release for OBIEE 11g, version Arguably, the biggest news on this release is that it is the first patch release since 11g was launched with version in August, 2010 ( was skipped). For those that were waiting for the first patch release, you no longer have that excuse for waiting to move to 11g of OBIEE.
Other notable features in version include:
  • Full support for the Apple iPad
  • Full support for OLAP sources including Essbase and Oracle OLAP
  • Support for Oracle BI Applications release
  • New support for Oracle TimesTen, MS SQL Server Analytic Services, and SAP BW
  • Reduced memory requirements for Weblogic and streamlined install process
  • 64-bit BI Admin Tool
  • New visualizations in the BI Admin tool
In this BIWA TechCast, Dan Vlamis, President of Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. and BIWA Board member will show off several of these and other new features in a live demonstration. Dan will also briefly touch on features introduced in OBIEE, including new visualizations, Action Framework, map views, and OLAP-style interaction. Dan will be joined by Oracle product management so they can answer questions you may have on these features and other topics related to Oracle Business Intelligence. (For a list of all Oracle Analytics-related webinars, see

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