Fueling Retail Loyalty: Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytics at Drop Tank

Presented by Cathye Pendley and Rich DuSatko

Drop Tank manages gas station loyalty technologies and programs for a large network of retail sites across the US. Millions of transactions and diverse POS systems bring complexity of both scale and scope to their cloud-based data warehouse and analytics system. You’ll hear how ADW, OAC, ODI and Oracle CX cloud work together to provide reporting and analytic insight to marketers and program managers. This real-world case study will highlight what worked well, what didn’t, and what the future promises. Drop Tank plans to be able to answer questions like: “What are the demographics of our customers?”, “What buying habits do they have?”, “How do we incentivize customers to participate with greater frequency?”, and ‘How can we use analytical insights to generate incremental value?’. Presentation attendees will benefit from hearing a real-world case study of implementing the “full cloud stack’ including applications like OLC to OAC to ADWC from a company on the leading technology edge.

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