New Features in Oracle Analytics Cloud 105.4.0

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Oracle Analytics Cloud version 105.4.0 has several new features of special interest to the OAC community. A few of the major themes for this release include: A) improvements to the Data Visualization experience (including a unified home page and customizable fonts), B) improvements to search/ask, C) improvements to data flows and data preparation, and D) data source and security improvements.

Join Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director, and President of Vlamis Software Solutions, as he walks through the new features. Just like our previous presentations (see for a list), this webinar will include a fast-paced presentation with a live demo of OAC including as many of the new features as time allows. We will also have a member of Oracle product management available to help us answer questions during this webinar. New features we plan to cover include:

  1. Self-Service Analytics
    1. Unified Home Page
    2. Copy Visz & Canvas across projects
    3. DV fonts customization
    4. Right-click-forecast on all Time levels
    5. Maps ambiguous location-matches
    6. Spatial-functions in RPD models
    7. Improving dashboard “Explore in DV”
  2. Search/Ask
    1. Recognize plurals & autocorrect for searches
    2. BI searching catalog content
    3. DxD SSO Setup
  3. Dataflows/DataPrep
    1. Export/import data-flows
    2. Additional Noes & Wizards: Split column, trim-spaces
    3. Data Flow Tool tips
    4. OCI Storage for FA data replication
  4. OA Publisher
    1. SSL for datasources
    2. Scheduler for REST APIs
    3. Hiding mandatory parameters
  5. Datasources
    1. More support for SSL Encrypted datasources
    2. SSL & RDG for Big Data providers & Support for Oracle Big Data SQL
    3. RDG for Tier2 sources (spark, Hive, REdshift…)
    4. PBCS Enhancements
    5. Thousand/Decimal separator pick in CSV imports
  6. Security/Admin
    1. Top level URL changes
    2. Login check for embedded content
    3. Kerberos authentication

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