Migrating from OBIEE to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS)

Presented by Dan Vlamis

Oracle has simplified their Oracle Analytics offerings to just three products: Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) running on the Oracle Cloud, Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) running on your hardware, and Oracle Analytics for Applications (OAX). With this premier release of OAS, customers receive all of the benefits of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), plus all of the enhancements introduced to OAC between the release of OBIEE in June 2018 and OAC 5.5 in January 2020. This catches the on-premise release up to the cloud version of Oracle Analytics. There’s a LOT that has been added since OBIEE, so this delivers a LOT of functionality. Probably the biggest news in OAS is the inclusion of the Data Visualization interface at no extra charge for customers that are current on their OBIEE support and upgrade from OBIEE to OAS. In effect, you are getting the DV interface for free. The capabilities are a mashup of the capabilities of classic OBIEE, the DV interface, and the new features introduced in Oracle Analytics Cloud, such as System Settings on the Console, where you can set values of nqsconfig.ini using a web user interface.

So what can you expect from OAS, compared to OBIEE? Come to this webinar to learn about what it’s like in the real world migrating from OBIEE to OAS, what configuration settings you should validate are still needed, how customizations are handled, and how you can capitalize on the new capabilities delivered in Oracle Analytics Server. We won’t have time to go over all of the features introduced since OBIEE (see www.vlamis.com/oawebinars for a list of webinars that cover these features), but we’ll hit some of the highlights with a LIVE DEMO of the OAS platform.

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