Making Your Data Warehouse FASTER

Presented by Chris Claterbos and Dan Vlamis

As Business Intelligence systems gets more integrated in today’s businesses many businesses find that they need more data analyzes and results faster traditional relational warehouses cannot perform. Integrating an OLAP engine into the warehouse can provide significant performance and analytical improvements. Many companies have not considered this because it was either “too hard” or not compatible with their existing BI Solutions. This presentation will address these concerns and provide actual use case examples how Oracle OLAP can be used in small to large implementations to speed up the Data Warehouse reporting and provide advanced analytics. There are many new technologies to day that can be used to accelerate the BI reporting solutions. Many of these solutions involve replacing existing hardware infrastructures. Most of these approaches entail installing expensive hardware solutions to provide only solutions for slow performance on the most common queries. The Oracle OLAP solutions presented represent comprehensive performance increases across all queries. Additionally complex analytic calculations can be done which were hard or next to impossible to provide in previous solutions, even in the aforementioned “new wave” solutions.

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