Level Up — The Technologies you Need to Learn to Stay Relevant in Analytics

Presented by Charlie Berger, Stewart Bryson, Arthur Dayton, Nick Salem, Wayne Van Sluys, and Tim Vlamis

The world of business analytics is rapidly changing. Technology is focused on bringing more and more functionality to end users and automating or obscuring many of the tasks that were the cornerstone of a number of technology careers. As the skills that were in extremely high demand 5 or 10 years ago become less valued in the marketplace what skills should you focus your efforts on today, that take advantage of the skills you already have, to continue to advance your career as a technologist? In this panel discussion thought leaders from the analytics industry will exchange views on the changing landscape of business analytics and technology and share their impressions of the current and future state of the industry. The panel, with participation from attendees, will try to separate the hype from reality about what skills really matter and how to stay relevant and advance your career in the ever-changing world of analytics.

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