Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 hours!! Oracle Data Miner 4.0 Hands on Lab

Presented by Charlie Berger and Tim Vlamis

Learn predictive analytics in 2 hours!! Multiple experts in Oracle Advanced Analytics/Oracle Data Mining will be on hand to help guide you through the basics of predictive analytics using Oracle Advanced Analytics 12c, a Database 12c Option and SQL Developer 4.1’s Oracle Data Miner workflow GUI. Oracle Advanced Analytics embeds powerful data mining algorithms in the SQL kernel of the Oracle Database for problems such as predicting customer behavior, anticipating churn, identifying up-sell and cross-sell, detecting anomalies and potential fraud, market basket analysis, customer profiling, text mining and retail market basket analysis. Oracle Data Miner 4.1, an extension to SQL Developer 4.1, enables business analysts to quickly analyze data and visualize their data, build, evaluate and apply predictive models and develop predictive analytics methodologies—all while keeping the data inside the Oracle Database. Oracle Data Miner’s easy to use “drag and drop” workflow user interface enables data analysts to quickly build and evaluate predictive analytics models, apply them to new data in the Database and then, most importantly, immediately generate SQL scripts to accelerate enterprise deployment. Come see how easily you can discover big insights from your Oracle data, generate SQL scripts for deployment and automation and deploy results into Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) and other BI dashboards and applications.

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