Integration of Oracle BI EE and Oracle Analytic Workspaces

Presented by Mark Thompson

Oracle’s integration of Siebel Analytics into the Oracle product family provides exciting opportunities to extend the use of Oracle’s multidimensional OLAP cubes to include Oracle’s new customers who have previously adopted the Siebel environment. Siebel users can use the power of Oracle’s multidimensional data engine and features, while still retaining the Siebel interface. This presentation will demonstrate the development and use of the OLAP_TABLE object for preparing multidimensional data cubes for use by Oracle BI EE (i.e. Siebel) analytics. We will briefly discuss the development of the multidimensional environment using Oracle Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM), then focus on the development of the corresponding OLAP_TABLE objects to be referenced by Oracle BI EE.

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