Hands-on Training: Integrating Oracle Advanced Analytics into OBIEE dashboards

Presented by Tim Vlamis and Mike Caskey

This hands on lab will show how you can easily integrate results obtained using Oracle Advanced Analytics into OBIEE. Bring your computer along so you can work through the exercises with us in this Hands-On Lab. If your BI application only reports the past, you’re missing out on a major goal of BI systems. BI systems should be forward-looking, so they can inform decisions. In order to do this, you need some sort of analytics, whether they be simple questions like “where are we against plan” or “how does this compare to last year”. Or they can be more complex, as in “which customer segments provide the greatest possibility for our promotions” or “what would happen if we realign our territories in a different way?” In this hands-on lab you will be able to see how you can use Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise to do the “heavy lifting” and then expose these results to the wider Oracle BI community using OBIEE, including using advanced visualizations powered by R.

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