From Zero to Oracle BI Cloud Administrator Hero

Presented by Jonathan Clark and Arthur Dayton

This will be an end-to-end walkthrough of the administration functions of Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS). Attendees will have an understanding of the methods and vocabulary to manage and administrate the Oracle BI Cloud Service and will have the basic knowledge to create and deploy BICS.
Topics will include:
Service Management
• Allocating services
• Database connections
• RPD imports
• Catalog management
• Backups
• Development to production migration
• User session management
• Caching and indexing
Data Management
• Data snapshot management
• Importing and exporting data
• Uploaded data management
• Archive creation
• Map data management
• User management for each level of user from account and service administrators to end users
• Security policy roles and application
• Data model access security policies and their application
• Firewall management

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