Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence

Presented by Tim Vlamis

Built around business use cases, we will cover the advantages and best practice uses of the array of Oracle’s BI and analytics offerings from a deep data analysis perspective.
Covered systems include:
• OBIEE dashboards including tables, graphs, and embedded content
• OBIEE map views and Oracle MapViewer
• BI Publisher
• Visual Analyzer
• R visualizations on OBIEE dashboards from Oracle R Enterprise
• Big Data Discovery
• Endeca
• BI Mobile App Designer
All of these have powerful and important capabilities; however, too many organizations end up misusing and applying these tools and end up frustrated with their results. Using case studies, we’ll break down why to use which tool in different circumstances, how to optimize organizational value from each implementation in the real world where significant tradeoffs exist, and how to bring along others in your organization in understanding data analysis best practices.

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